From Sturgeon's resignation to Murrell's. All the drama of the SNP contest so far.
The SNP's leadership contest is storing up bitterness and enmity that it will be hard to move on from.
New polls expose the challenge faced by the SNP. Last night's Sky News debate was a last chance for candidates to engage with political reality. They…
The first TV debate of the SNP leadership saw Kate Forbes trash her party as effectively as any opposition politician. Within what she said is an even…
The news of John Swinney's departure from government reinforces the feeling of a party that is drained of energy and devoid of ideas.

February 2023

Why exactly are the three contenders for SNP leadership seemingly so bad at politics?
In another terrible day for all the SNP's leadership candidates, the most significant moment has been largely overlooked.
As Sturgeon prepares to leave office, the SNP are embellishing out her record. Polling suggests the public aren't convinced that her record is anything…
It was quite a day in the SNP Leadership campaign with the leading candidates confirming their weaknesses.
A summary of the hottest takes from commentators on Sturgeon's resignation.
The FM leaves behind a directionless movement, a government in crisis and a poisonous political debate. I wish her more success in whatever she does…

January 2023

Change is coming and the SNP won't be part of it. Nicola Sturgeon's old general election strategy is weak in a world where Labour is headed for power.