Jun 8, 2022·edited Jun 8, 2022

The SNP never had a soul, principles or ethics they have duped their way into power on promises they couldn't or wouldn't keep e.g. replacing the "hated Council Tax", eliminating student debt etc.

Instead they have played to the gallery whilst giving sweeteners to the middle classes whilst avoiding any hard decisions or taking responsibility for our nation's poor health habits and overseeing a decline in education.

They were centre right, anti EU, anti NATO, anti monarchy but each one of those stances disappeared like sna aff a dyke when they thought they could gain a demographic.

The SNP have done nothing but harm to our country, rubbing the open wounds of 2014 whilst splaffing public money on disasterous grandstanding and ill thought out policies like Prestwick, Ferguson's shipyard, BiFab, ferry contracts, Named Persons.

Council budgets slashed as a result whilst their profligacy is unchecked with more self serving quangos and civil servants.

Any normal Western democracy would have thrown then out years ago.

And if they truly loved their country, they would be honest about the consequences of their ideological goal.

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First class article. Well done Blair.

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