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"It is easy to mock Regan for this but really the failure here is Nicola Sturgeon’s"

I'm not an economist, I'm not in government, and I learn about this in my spare time - and yet even I seemingly have a better understanding of the currency options than what is outwardly expressed by the SNP. There is absolutely no excuses for any MSP, never mind cabinet members, to not understand this subject. Especially when they've been telling the voting public Scotland could of been independent any time in the last 10 years. Yes, Nicola Sturgeon under the SNP have been lazy on this - I actually think Sturgeon understood that there were no good options so it was a political choice to never address them - but that is no excuse for these adult politicians who are advocating for this very change to have no understanding of it.

From what I can understand the three camps in the SNP race on "Indy Economics" are as follows:

Kate Forbes, realistic* and plums for the Sustainable Growth Commission despite it never adequately answering the currency question. Regardless, it's just mega austerity dressed up.

*(not really, but more so than the others)

Humza Yousaf, continuity of never even trying to honestly answer the big questions. When papers are produced they spin and avoid any specific policy answers by claiming levers.

Ash Regan, genuinely trying to answer the questions, yet unable to accept the dire realities that arise as a result so they fall into the hands of Tim Rideout and other charlatans. Basically, magical thinking.

What it says is that, beyond even the SNP, there has been no honest economic assessment of independence from the nationalists - yet they support it regardless, which is really unforgivable in its absolute recklessness with the lives and prosperity of millions of people.

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What is absolutely jaw dropping is that none of them seem to be even curious about the mechanics of independence. I mean WTF?

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